Don’t Miss #TalentNet this Wednesday Night on Twitter!

 It’s time for another star studded recruiter get-together on Twitter!  That’s right recruitwiterati, #TalentNet, the hashtag event that burned up the Twittersphere last month, (trending right at the top with American Idol) is back for another go-round this Wednesday night, May 27th, from 8pm to 10pm Central time (and the last Wednesday of each month, for the foreseeable future, at that time). 

The first ever #TalentNet took place on April 29th and was amazing.  A fast-paced exchange of ideas, opinions, and entertaining intel was provided by the participants and by special guests, John Sumser and Jason Davis.  And we even had music to Tweet by (with some attitude as a bonus) provided by Jerry Albright

For this Wednesday’s #TalentNet, we will be talking sourcing with Geoff Peterson (@GeoffPeterson) and Kelly Dingee (@SourcerKelly).  We’ll also get feedback about last week’s Kennedy Info conference from Susan Kang Nam (@PinkOliveFamily) and Julia Stone (@BizWerkerJulia).  Best of all we’ll get to meet new friends and have more fun with talent industry professionals from near and far (hoping @BillBoorman makes good on his promise to tweet in from the U.K. where it will be 2am at the start).

We will also be posting some news about the first #TalentNet Live Conference in Dallas this fall.  Very interesting stuff in the works for that!

This time around we will be trying out Tweetgrid to better manage the fast moving stream.  Just go to and select the number of windows you would like to view.  I would suggest using one window with the search term #TalentNet and set to update in real time, one window with your user name as a search term (so you can keep up with conversations directed specifically to you) also set to update in real time, and maybe one more #TalentNet window set to update a bit slower, maybe 5 or 10 seconds.  Just ask anyone who has been participating in the very popular #GNO chats how they do it and you’ll get some good tips.

We look forward to seeing you all tomorrow night!

Not sure what you’re missing?  Check out the buzz from last time:

Have you heard?… It’s on #TalentNet By Jason Buss

#TalentNet (#SocialRecruiting) By John Sumser

You can get more scoop on this informative and fun event at the #TalnetNet Facebook Group.  And don’t forget to follow @TalentNet and co-founders @Fishdogs and @PinkOliveFamily on Twitter!

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